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01 Nov 2018

The woman is the guardian of her children, a threshold for her husband

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Love is a priceless pearl in the heart! Love is a range of emotions! It is not possible to achieve grace. You can not buy love for money.

    Unfortunately, in recent years, as if our love is diminishing. Especially for the mother's children, the child's affection for the parents and the sincere feelings of the liver are gradually being forgotten. When we think about it, we are primarily responsible for it.

     ... A long relative, a couple, went abroad to work alone with their parents. The child was a baby, grew up in grandparents and went to school. Ten years later, the parents returned home with riches. The mother wants to keep her in the arms of the child, the child is overwhelmed by her, she kisses her face. The father wants to play with his child, but the boy wants to go with his grandfather. They said they would get used to it, adults. No, the boy did not learn, and he did not care for his parents.

     That's fine. After all, the couple has come together to work together as a living. But what about women who are staying home today and who are going abroad to work abroad? Almost all of them leave their children and disappear for several years. Unfortunately, the outlook for mothers who have gone abroad has also changed. They now imitate what they see as a child in their upbringing. This will inevitably lead to the loss of national values, spiritual enlightenment, and disharmony.

     These families now have money and wealth. But, undoubtedly, there are no standards of Uzbek education.

     How can you make money and improve your family financially, but will you be able to remedy the unforgettable affection of our people?

     You fill the house, the abundance of your property, and fill your luggage, but what will you replace the loss of love?

     Sometimes I can read some of what I write, and some of them may scold me. "We are going to live for a better life." However, there is a saying in our nation that "if you fall into the sky you will fall into your face." Today is the kindness that our children have shown to us - how much we care for our parents? The man's behavior is different. Man is the man of the street. He must earn money and provide his wife and children. However, the role of a woman in the family should be with her children. The woman is the castle for her children, the ostona for her husband. It is a blessing in the family of a woman who saves her earnings and that she will never lose her family.

    Shokhidakhon USMONOVA,

    a teacher of secondary school 14


    шт Bulakbashi district

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