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15 Nov 2018

Are our sons ready to build a family?

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These days there are many weddings in our city. Parents who wish to keep their children's heads one-sided in the cold winter days, with the intention of handing over the "other's deposit" to their owners.

   We talk a lot about girls preparing for marriage. They teach them the culture of treatment, how to deal with the groom's family, the family's education, cooking, and craving. In order to enrich their knowledge and understanding, "Girls' Club" in the mahallas, educational institutions and "Girls Health Centers" were established in policlinics. All of these work to help protect girls' health, bring up good health, and prepare them for family life. Work with girls. What are the young men doing? What are we doing to prepare them for family life?

     Last autumn a friend gave birth to her daughter. It's hard to say what's going on, anyway. Finally, it was a young man. The young man and the girl approached each other. "Have you inquired of the young man, where did he work? I asked. "They are a good family, and they are the masterminds of the groom's houses." She was a nurse who reads nurse, learned about sewing, studied cooking courses, and had a mind-bending mindset that was a family that had a flower bed. Soon there was a wedding.

   The groom's season is seasonal. If someone repairs or renovates a new building, there is no. After a couple of hours after the wedding, it was abandoned in winter. In the spring, he said, "he went to work in Russia."

    The bride and groom are also a time. Especially when the first child is born and becomes a parent, and a responsible person, the bridegroom is experiencing the happiest moments in life.      

    However, in some families, there are various problems that arise soon after the wedding. The fact that the bridegroom does not have a certain job, the head of a family, and the lack of material support for the family may add to the problems. In the harsh environment, the groom will go abroad to work.     

    A young couple who are not yet fully accustomed to a new family, and who are in need of support from their spouse, are in a difficult situation.

    True, the bridegroom goes to the faraway country to support the family. It can not be ignored. However, the fact that two years of unobtrusive study of a long-term illness will have a profound impact on family solidarity.

I think that on the same day we can not do enough to prepare young people for family life, feel the responsibility of family, paternity, and career guidance. If there were some young people working in a certain job or a certain profession, there would be no family problems, and there was no need to go abroad for work.

    There is a saying in our nation that "young man is less than seventy." There are many young men who have a knowledgeable, funny, family, family, and manhood. However, there are no young men who do not have a good job or a lazy job. Parents who say that they should come and work with their parents should never marry their sons who are not well aware of their family responsibilities. Unfortunately today, the bride has some unbelievable young men who are expecting financial benefits from her parents.

     There are such families as if the bride had been "rested" and immediately sent her back to her father. This is one of the ugliest occurrences that we can face in our nation.

     Poor mother or father, who spends a lot of money on medicines, or who gets what's coming home. Why does a man who takes care of his wife's spouse, clothing, and expenses while she is married does not perform her duty and does not feel responsible?

     The analysis of the arguments and conclusions of young families shows that young people are physically and spiritually prepared for the family. In particular, we can not ignore the inadequacy and irresponsibility of some of our young men.

     It is important to pay attention to the preparation of young people to family life. They need to teach them the issues of family, fatherhood and family education. In particular, in the schools, colleges and lyceums there is a special "Kindergarten" for boys, and family life such as crafting various types of crafts, earning money, spending money, marrying couples, It would be advisable if parents were to take their sons into the family head and get married whenever they could provide them with material support.

     Habibahon JO'RABEKOVA,

 a department head of "Family” scientific-practical research center of Andijan city

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