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01 Nov 2018


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Family intercourse is often the result of disagreements that arise between a mother and a daughter-in-law.

a daughter-in-law is guilty

Why is the problem of the bride-groom's relationship with us in the process of getting bigger and frustrating to many families? Howcome two women living in a household can’t live in harmony? What is the reason for this? At the same time, it is clear that such questions are a concern for many of our compatriots. Is the conflict everlasting? Let's reflect about it.

During my career I talk to many mothers, brides, especially in the discussion of "bridesmaids". In these processes I try to get something from each of them and learn something. I have to say good-bye to promoting good things, and the negative ones, "that the end of this work will not be good." If we take a closer look, almost half of the family conflicts that occur today are between the bride and groom. No matter how sorry we are, we can not afford to miss it.

When it comes to investigating these conflicts, the mother-in-law blends her daughter-in-law.

She is angry at the brutality of her bride, trying to show her as an angel, telling her that her husband was not doing the job well. Is it really so? No, of course. True, the bride may be in the process of becoming a youth, making mistakes and failures.

... The new bride came to the house. A bride needs to adapt to this new family. This requires a certain amount of time. However, the bride will start serving three days after the wedding. She should be able to please her, burn her family, make her husband happy, and serve the guests who come after the wedding. These works make tired the young bride. Conversation causes a person to become nervous and to make mistakes. As you can see, although the bride works until the middle of the night the mother-in-law does not like her.

A well-educated bride speaks kindly to her mother-in-law. Against this, she says, "It is a cunning, lame lips!" and her actions will be counterproductive. She walks in his ride: "It hurts, it's just a fever." So, if he's sitting there, it's a bit of a tick, and if she does, she'll look bad. Such an egoistic movement of mother-in-law has led to more conflict.

 The bride does not understand this poor thing. The husband is surprised. If she says something, the language of the mother tongue is painful. So, her innocent wife is unjustly punished in this respect.

A year after the wedding of the bride, the young woman's family brokes down.



Recently, I have talked to the bride-in-law and the mother-in-law of the distressing family, which is the cause of divorce. During the conversation I asked the bride the reason for ignorance in the family. She kept silent for a while and then quietly said, “We were very frienly, but we could not get well with my mother-in-law”. Then I asked the groom for the cause of the scandals. He said, “Three months after my marriage, my mother began to curse her daughter-in-law, and told that my wife who I married with love didn’t suit our family, she did not respect her”. Actually, I did not see any disrespect for my mother in her relationship. I tried to explain it to my mom. But she did not want to understand or hear. I was not proud to explain my mother's wrongdoing in front of my wife. I did not find the courage to defend my wife.

... The quarrels did not stop. If I support my wife my mother will be upset. I stayed between two doors. Finally, our life has lost its fascination. I was sick and tired of conflicts. At that point I thought maybe if my father was alive he would not allow my mother to do so, direct her to a right way. So I expelled my wife.

With such ways many mother-in-laws are breaking their childrens’ family by selfishness and pride their peaceful family. Unfortunately, they do not understand their mistakes justifying themselves.

Such mothers should know! The bride is married to the son and is primarily entrusted with the duties of the husband. The husband's father, his mother-in-law, and the other members of the family, are the result of the bride's love for them. Therefore, it is wrong to put allthe burden on the bride on the shoulders of the family and to try to make it all the family members' wishes. Unfortunately, in some households, bride-by-step, married, four-year-olds, but they have to work hard, feed their baby, even prepare their meals and wash their clothes.



    These situations need to be finished. The mothers who have so much experience have to be in control of this situation. Actually if the mother-in-law accepts her bridegroom as her own daughter and teaches her well, I am sure that the bride in her family will become a girl, and the family will have peace, and happiness.

    About 79,000 families live in our district. If in the past period of the year there were registered 45 divorces in the district, as a result of communication and explanatory work we managed to reconvile about 150 families.

   Offending the bride is a sign of ignorance. It’s not good for mothers to disturb young couple, interfere their issues and fighting with her bride for small issues. Let our mother-in-laws be kindheart, follow a right way.

   In our family there is no comfort in our lives as long as no other human, such as compassion, kindness, and respect. Dear mother-in-laws! You can’t be happy stealing your children's peace and find satisfaction respect and rewards. Think about your body and do not make a mistake.


   Mavdakhon   ABDURAHMONOVA,

 A chairman of the public council of the “Council of mother-in-laws” of Asaka district.

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