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15 Nov 2018

Let's educate our children kindly

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There is a version “A small bird acts like its parents” among our people. It has a wide meaning. Because every creature grows first of all through the influence of its surrounding environment. In this sense, the consciousness and outlook of our children are primarily formed on the basis of the environment, attitude in the family. So what we do in the family, what we teach our children, tomorrow, we expect them to do the same thing.

   If the owner of the household is wise, educated, knowledgeable this is the happiness of the children. They only get good education from their parents. In the discipline, children are encouraged to get knowledge, read newspapers, and books. There is one family in our neighborhood. The father is a carpenter and the mother's a housewife. They brought up three daughters, two boys with their honest work. Parents used to buy children different books, read books, and tried encourage them in different ways. Even though they did not read a book, they were able to awaken love to books in their children. Years passed. Today, all of their children are educated in high schools and work in different places and are respected.

    There is another family. The father is a businessman, and the mother works as an accountant in a reputable agency. Both are highly educated. They have two daughters and a son. From their childhood their children learned to trade and earn money. I do not know whether they have read any literary book. Today, they have grown up with self-esteem and respect. But in their family, there is no compassion or respect for each other. They always have a variety of problems. These people, who are far from spiritual, measure everything by money. Neighbors also deal with them according to this.

     In conclusion, let us focus on bringing up our children morally, spiritually, mentally and physically, whether we are ordinary, wealthy or not. Maybe they will not become scientists, but they must be a human. Let them get a good name in life, bring thanks for their parents. Is not it really the happiness, the joy of seeing the child and the fullness of life?!

    True, today we have a lot of work, and we may have less time. However, we should never overlook discipline. Let's educate our children kindly. Because we must be very happy tomorrow with their education and our faces will never look down.


    Gulnorakhon USMONOVA,

    an expert of “Bozorboshi” NCG


    in Qo’rg’ontepa district

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