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15 Nov 2018

Keeping girls' health is an important task

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The girl is the future mother, the continuation of the nation. Healthy and competent future generations are largely linked to the health, well-being and happiness of girls.

     In our country, a large-scale work is carried out to protect the health of mothers and children, to create the necessary conditions for the birth of a healthy generation, early detection of pregnant women and newborns, reduce disability among the children, and especially to strengthen the health of teenage girls.

     In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of December 25, 2017 "On the State Program for Pregnant and Hereditary Diseases in Children in 2018-2022" and Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of May 1, 2018 " "which is aimed at increasing the work in this direction to a higher level.

     Within the framework of these decisions, "Women's counseling centers", "Women's health centers" were set up in the multi-profile central polyclinic of the district medical association, 5 rural medical stations and 6 rural family polyclinics.

      The work on the protection of health of teenage girls and women of more than 46 thousand births, identification and treatment of women with serious health problems is being conducted in our district systematically. In particular, over 35,000 women of childbearing age were examined in the past year. Over 3,600 women were diagnosed with extragenital and gynecological disorders and many of them were involved in their recovery. In addition, more than 3.5 thousand teenage girls studying in general education schools and colleges in the district were also subjected to medical examination. 600 infected girls were identified for their recovery.

     There were no adolescents who had had problems with their health problems and had problems with their health. And as a result, teenage girls could not come to the gynecologist. Now the "Gynecologist of Adolescents" is directly involved in the protection of girls' health.

The role of the "emergency medical care" department plays a crucial role in the provision of health services to the population. Therefore, the necessary conditions for effective functioning of this section have been created.

     In order to expand the quality and scope of medical services provided to the population, rural family polyclinics have also started to work as a therapist, obstetrician-gynecologist, surgeon, USI specialist. First, citizens have to go to the district center for medical examinations by a surgeon or gynecologist, or they may use the same services at rural family polyclinics.

    Prevention of infectious diseases among the population, vaccination of children against various diseases is timely and productive. In particular, medical examination of citizens who returned in foreign countries, their involvement in the rehabilitation of any illness, and referring them to rehabilitation centers are in accordance with the established procedure.

     Necessary efforts are being made to prevent early marriages and close relatives, to explain the sad consequences of such situations to the population, especially young people, as well as to improve the medical knowledge and culture of citizens.

And if our people, especially our sisters and daughters, are healthy, then the younger generation, who will be the owners of the future, will be perfect.


    Photimakhon MAMATOVA,

    a deputy minister for Maternity and childhood protection in Marhamat district of   

    multidisciplinary medicine

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