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18 Oct 2018

"When she is well she belongs to you, but when she is sick we’ll treat her,shall we?"

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Some Uzbek families have a bad thing. If the bride gets sick, taking her to a hospital and taking care of her home, she immediately sends her parents to her home. Even in some cases the girl's parents raise the expenses for the treatment of the bride. In these families, these discretionary decisions are often bestowed by mothers.

     When the bride performs "now we are our daughters", this kind of action of a mother-in-law, whose parents are willing to please her parents, does not correspond to the ancient traditions of the nation or Islamic religion. This ignorance is nothing more than superstition. When do you realize that the mothers who say they are in our health are ours?

      It's no secret that over the next several decades, the atmosphere and lifestyle of the Uzbek family are often created by women, who are trying to be dominant in the family. This is how we feel and how painful it is. Therefore, in many families, the woman's mother's sayings and decisions are predominant.

     It is a form of self-indulgence and a form of injustice. But the mothers should not forget that the bride comes to this house because of someone else's dear little boy, his family, his lifestyle, and his son. She gives birth to her granddaughter. Therefore, the parents should not help the bride, not her daughter-in-law, to accept her as a daughter, to adapt to the younger daughter's home, to become a full member of the household. The bride should teach her what she did not know, to show the example and, most importantly, the slimmingness.


When a girl is a bride, she can not be free in the home of a foster-mother, and if she is pregnant, she can not eat what she has come to. Because the environment in that family and family relationships do not allow it. What does the bride do? She immediately called her parents. Having a daughter, bringing up an adult, and giving her a daughter to another housewife during her lifetime, she does not give up. He picks up his food and breathes.

     Recently, an evend happened in one of our neighbourhood. The bride was pregnant, and the onion was fried with meat. She was shy and afraid to tell her mother about it. Her mother-in-law distributes the food, including the meat itself. When he was eating, the mother-in-law saw a piece of meat out of the pot and put it into his mouth. The bride apologized for a thousand emotional wounds. But when she told her mother-in-law that she would tell her story to her son, other members of the family, and neighbors. True, I do not want to justify the bride's work. However, she should understand the situation of her bride-grooming, saying, "It is not right to eat meat from the pot, and if you want it, you should be roasted". Unfortunately, his mother-in-law had come to a "thief's throat" and treated her badly. How would she do that when her daughter did it?

     In conclusion, not only do the mother-in-law view the bride as her children, but pay attention to the bride and groom, as her mother's son and her son's lifelong partner, not the free servant who serves the bride, but the happiness, it does not work.


     Odinaxon SOLIEVA,

head of the “Oila” scientific and practical research center in Pakhtaobad district.

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