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22 Sep 2018

The house conflict between the mother-in-law and bride

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A civil court session of the Andijan regional court of Civil cases took place in the mahalla "Soglom avlod" in Andijan city.

A conflict related with a house between the mother-in-law Khosikhon and her bride Salomatkhan (name changed) who live in "Soglom avlod" mahalla  was discussed at the trial held under the chairmanship of judge of the regional Civil court R.Qoraboyev.

    After the death of her husband  Salomatkhan who had two children was forced to leave home by her mother-in-law. The conflict lasted for many months. Even the  interference of neighborhood, mahala did not help to solve the problem.

    The appeal of Salomatkhan to the court on this matter was considered at the court. The brutal bride's attitude, the unpleasant situation that contradicts the morality of our people was widely discussed by the general public. The case was thoroughly investigated and a fair trial was made. According to the verdict, 60 percent of the estimated value of the home is for the bride and 40 percent for the mother-in-law.

    During a travel court session lawyers held talks on strengthening families, raising legal knowledge and literacy of citizens, ensuring the rule of law, elimination of various ill-treatment, and preventing the occurrence of crimes and abuses.




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