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Let's educate our children kindly

There is a version “A small bird acts like its parents” among our people. It has a wide meaning. Because every creature grows first of all through the influence of its surrounding environment. In this sense, the consciousness and outlook of our children are primarily formed on the basis of the environment, attitude in the family. So what we do in the family, what we teach our children, tomorrow, we expect them to do the same thing.

   If the owner of the household is wise, educated, knowledgeable this is the happiness of the children. They only get good education from their parents. In the discipline, children are encouraged to get knowledge, read newspapers, and books. There is one family in our neighborhood. The father is a carpenter and the mother's a housewife. They brought up three daughters, two boys with their honest work. Parents used to buy children different books, read books, and tried encourage them in different ways. Even though they did not read a book, they were able to awaken love to books in their children. Years passed. Today, all of their children are educated in high schools and work in different places and are respected.

    There is another family. The father is a businessman, and the mother works as an accountant in a reputable agency. Both are highly educated. They have two daughters and a son. From their childhood their children learned to trade and earn money. I do not know whether they have read any literary book. Today, they have grown up with self-esteem and respect. But in their family, there is no compassion or respect for each other. They always have a variety of problems. These people, who are far from spiritual, measure everything by money. Neighbors also deal with them according to this.

     In conclusion, let us focus on bringing up our children morally, spiritually, mentally and physically, whether we are ordinary, wealthy or not. Maybe they will not become scientists, but they must be a human. Let them get a good name in life, bring thanks for their parents. Is not it really the happiness, the joy of seeing the child and the fullness of life?!

    True, today we have a lot of work, and we may have less time. However, we should never overlook discipline. Let's educate our children kindly. Because we must be very happy tomorrow with their education and our faces will never look down.


    Gulnorakhon USMONOVA,

    an expert of “Bozorboshi” NCG


    in Qo’rg’ontepa district

Are our sons ready to build a family?

These days there are many weddings in our city. Parents who wish to keep their children's heads one-sided in the cold winter days, with the intention of handing over the "other's deposit" to their owners.

   We talk a lot about girls preparing for marriage. They teach them the culture of treatment, how to deal with the groom's family, the family's education, cooking, and craving. In order to enrich their knowledge and understanding, "Girls' Club" in the mahallas, educational institutions and "Girls Health Centers" were established in policlinics. All of these work to help protect girls' health, bring up good health, and prepare them for family life. Work with girls. What are the young men doing? What are we doing to prepare them for family life?

     Last autumn a friend gave birth to her daughter. It's hard to say what's going on, anyway. Finally, it was a young man. The young man and the girl approached each other. "Have you inquired of the young man, where did he work? I asked. "They are a good family, and they are the masterminds of the groom's houses." She was a nurse who reads nurse, learned about sewing, studied cooking courses, and had a mind-bending mindset that was a family that had a flower bed. Soon there was a wedding.

   The groom's season is seasonal. If someone repairs or renovates a new building, there is no. After a couple of hours after the wedding, it was abandoned in winter. In the spring, he said, "he went to work in Russia."

    The bride and groom are also a time. Especially when the first child is born and becomes a parent, and a responsible person, the bridegroom is experiencing the happiest moments in life.      

    However, in some families, there are various problems that arise soon after the wedding. The fact that the bridegroom does not have a certain job, the head of a family, and the lack of material support for the family may add to the problems. In the harsh environment, the groom will go abroad to work.     

    A young couple who are not yet fully accustomed to a new family, and who are in need of support from their spouse, are in a difficult situation.

    True, the bridegroom goes to the faraway country to support the family. It can not be ignored. However, the fact that two years of unobtrusive study of a long-term illness will have a profound impact on family solidarity.

I think that on the same day we can not do enough to prepare young people for family life, feel the responsibility of family, paternity, and career guidance. If there were some young people working in a certain job or a certain profession, there would be no family problems, and there was no need to go abroad for work.

    There is a saying in our nation that "young man is less than seventy." There are many young men who have a knowledgeable, funny, family, family, and manhood. However, there are no young men who do not have a good job or a lazy job. Parents who say that they should come and work with their parents should never marry their sons who are not well aware of their family responsibilities. Unfortunately today, the bride has some unbelievable young men who are expecting financial benefits from her parents.

     There are such families as if the bride had been "rested" and immediately sent her back to her father. This is one of the ugliest occurrences that we can face in our nation.

     Poor mother or father, who spends a lot of money on medicines, or who gets what's coming home. Why does a man who takes care of his wife's spouse, clothing, and expenses while she is married does not perform her duty and does not feel responsible?

     The analysis of the arguments and conclusions of young families shows that young people are physically and spiritually prepared for the family. In particular, we can not ignore the inadequacy and irresponsibility of some of our young men.

     It is important to pay attention to the preparation of young people to family life. They need to teach them the issues of family, fatherhood and family education. In particular, in the schools, colleges and lyceums there is a special "Kindergarten" for boys, and family life such as crafting various types of crafts, earning money, spending money, marrying couples, It would be advisable if parents were to take their sons into the family head and get married whenever they could provide them with material support.

     Habibahon JO'RABEKOVA,

 a department head of "Family” scientific-practical research center of Andijan city

Keeping girls' health is an important task

The girl is the future mother, the continuation of the nation. Healthy and competent future generations are largely linked to the health, well-being and happiness of girls.

     In our country, a large-scale work is carried out to protect the health of mothers and children, to create the necessary conditions for the birth of a healthy generation, early detection of pregnant women and newborns, reduce disability among the children, and especially to strengthen the health of teenage girls.

     In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of December 25, 2017 "On the State Program for Pregnant and Hereditary Diseases in Children in 2018-2022" and Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of May 1, 2018 " "which is aimed at increasing the work in this direction to a higher level.

     Within the framework of these decisions, "Women's counseling centers", "Women's health centers" were set up in the multi-profile central polyclinic of the district medical association, 5 rural medical stations and 6 rural family polyclinics.

      The work on the protection of health of teenage girls and women of more than 46 thousand births, identification and treatment of women with serious health problems is being conducted in our district systematically. In particular, over 35,000 women of childbearing age were examined in the past year. Over 3,600 women were diagnosed with extragenital and gynecological disorders and many of them were involved in their recovery. In addition, more than 3.5 thousand teenage girls studying in general education schools and colleges in the district were also subjected to medical examination. 600 infected girls were identified for their recovery.

     There were no adolescents who had had problems with their health problems and had problems with their health. And as a result, teenage girls could not come to the gynecologist. Now the "Gynecologist of Adolescents" is directly involved in the protection of girls' health.

The role of the "emergency medical care" department plays a crucial role in the provision of health services to the population. Therefore, the necessary conditions for effective functioning of this section have been created.

     In order to expand the quality and scope of medical services provided to the population, rural family polyclinics have also started to work as a therapist, obstetrician-gynecologist, surgeon, USI specialist. First, citizens have to go to the district center for medical examinations by a surgeon or gynecologist, or they may use the same services at rural family polyclinics.

    Prevention of infectious diseases among the population, vaccination of children against various diseases is timely and productive. In particular, medical examination of citizens who returned in foreign countries, their involvement in the rehabilitation of any illness, and referring them to rehabilitation centers are in accordance with the established procedure.

     Necessary efforts are being made to prevent early marriages and close relatives, to explain the sad consequences of such situations to the population, especially young people, as well as to improve the medical knowledge and culture of citizens.

And if our people, especially our sisters and daughters, are healthy, then the younger generation, who will be the owners of the future, will be perfect.


    Photimakhon MAMATOVA,

    a deputy minister for Maternity and childhood protection in Marhamat district of   

    multidisciplinary medicine


Family intercourse is often the result of disagreements that arise between a mother and a daughter-in-law.

a daughter-in-law is guilty

Why is the problem of the bride-groom's relationship with us in the process of getting bigger and frustrating to many families? Howcome two women living in a household can’t live in harmony? What is the reason for this? At the same time, it is clear that such questions are a concern for many of our compatriots. Is the conflict everlasting? Let's reflect about it.

During my career I talk to many mothers, brides, especially in the discussion of "bridesmaids". In these processes I try to get something from each of them and learn something. I have to say good-bye to promoting good things, and the negative ones, "that the end of this work will not be good." If we take a closer look, almost half of the family conflicts that occur today are between the bride and groom. No matter how sorry we are, we can not afford to miss it.

When it comes to investigating these conflicts, the mother-in-law blends her daughter-in-law.

She is angry at the brutality of her bride, trying to show her as an angel, telling her that her husband was not doing the job well. Is it really so? No, of course. True, the bride may be in the process of becoming a youth, making mistakes and failures.

... The new bride came to the house. A bride needs to adapt to this new family. This requires a certain amount of time. However, the bride will start serving three days after the wedding. She should be able to please her, burn her family, make her husband happy, and serve the guests who come after the wedding. These works make tired the young bride. Conversation causes a person to become nervous and to make mistakes. As you can see, although the bride works until the middle of the night the mother-in-law does not like her.

A well-educated bride speaks kindly to her mother-in-law. Against this, she says, "It is a cunning, lame lips!" and her actions will be counterproductive. She walks in his ride: "It hurts, it's just a fever." So, if he's sitting there, it's a bit of a tick, and if she does, she'll look bad. Such an egoistic movement of mother-in-law has led to more conflict.

 The bride does not understand this poor thing. The husband is surprised. If she says something, the language of the mother tongue is painful. So, her innocent wife is unjustly punished in this respect.

A year after the wedding of the bride, the young woman's family brokes down.



Recently, I have talked to the bride-in-law and the mother-in-law of the distressing family, which is the cause of divorce. During the conversation I asked the bride the reason for ignorance in the family. She kept silent for a while and then quietly said, “We were very frienly, but we could not get well with my mother-in-law”. Then I asked the groom for the cause of the scandals. He said, “Three months after my marriage, my mother began to curse her daughter-in-law, and told that my wife who I married with love didn’t suit our family, she did not respect her”. Actually, I did not see any disrespect for my mother in her relationship. I tried to explain it to my mom. But she did not want to understand or hear. I was not proud to explain my mother's wrongdoing in front of my wife. I did not find the courage to defend my wife.

... The quarrels did not stop. If I support my wife my mother will be upset. I stayed between two doors. Finally, our life has lost its fascination. I was sick and tired of conflicts. At that point I thought maybe if my father was alive he would not allow my mother to do so, direct her to a right way. So I expelled my wife.

With such ways many mother-in-laws are breaking their childrens’ family by selfishness and pride their peaceful family. Unfortunately, they do not understand their mistakes justifying themselves.

Such mothers should know! The bride is married to the son and is primarily entrusted with the duties of the husband. The husband's father, his mother-in-law, and the other members of the family, are the result of the bride's love for them. Therefore, it is wrong to put allthe burden on the bride on the shoulders of the family and to try to make it all the family members' wishes. Unfortunately, in some households, bride-by-step, married, four-year-olds, but they have to work hard, feed their baby, even prepare their meals and wash their clothes.



    These situations need to be finished. The mothers who have so much experience have to be in control of this situation. Actually if the mother-in-law accepts her bridegroom as her own daughter and teaches her well, I am sure that the bride in her family will become a girl, and the family will have peace, and happiness.

    About 79,000 families live in our district. If in the past period of the year there were registered 45 divorces in the district, as a result of communication and explanatory work we managed to reconvile about 150 families.

   Offending the bride is a sign of ignorance. It’s not good for mothers to disturb young couple, interfere their issues and fighting with her bride for small issues. Let our mother-in-laws be kindheart, follow a right way.

   In our family there is no comfort in our lives as long as no other human, such as compassion, kindness, and respect. Dear mother-in-laws! You can’t be happy stealing your children's peace and find satisfaction respect and rewards. Think about your body and do not make a mistake.


   Mavdakhon   ABDURAHMONOVA,

 A chairman of the public council of the “Council of mother-in-laws” of Asaka district.

The role of parents in upbringing a child

The Andijan military unit hosted a roundtable conversation on topic “The role of parents in the upbringing of children and the responsibility of families of servicemen”.

     The event was attended by representatives of public organizations within the regional women's committee, members of the military unit and members of their families.

     Senior Lieutenant O. Aminov, an acting as deputy commander of the commander's department on educational and ideological affairs pointed out that the country was carrying out large-scale work on supporting women and strengthening the institution of the family, and that the necessary work is under way in the military. Particularly, the effectiveness of the activities of the primary organization of the women's committee in military units was especially emphasized.

    The head of the public council of mother-in laws Zamirakhon Tillyaeva, the head of the “A businesswoman” association Muhabbatkhon Yuldasheva, the head of the social and psychological assistance center for women and their families Kholidakhon Mirzarahimova told about the activities of their structures, the role of mothers in child rearing, the formation of a healthy lifestyle in the family, strengthening the family, preventing the finding, and expressed their views on the role and responsibility of families of servicemen.

-             Such events will help the families of military personnel to ensure a stable spiritual environment in their families, to deepen their commitments to society and family, and to support women with disabilities," says Mirzarahimova. In addition, family relationships have enriched their children's knowledge and skills.

     The event was organized by a psychologist Nilufar Askarova as well as a negative impact on her family relationship and consequences.

     Madina MAMAJONOVA,

     a leading specialist in military units.

The woman is the guardian of her children, a threshold for her husband

Love is a priceless pearl in the heart! Love is a range of emotions! It is not possible to achieve grace. You can not buy love for money.

    Unfortunately, in recent years, as if our love is diminishing. Especially for the mother's children, the child's affection for the parents and the sincere feelings of the liver are gradually being forgotten. When we think about it, we are primarily responsible for it.

     ... A long relative, a couple, went abroad to work alone with their parents. The child was a baby, grew up in grandparents and went to school. Ten years later, the parents returned home with riches. The mother wants to keep her in the arms of the child, the child is overwhelmed by her, she kisses her face. The father wants to play with his child, but the boy wants to go with his grandfather. They said they would get used to it, adults. No, the boy did not learn, and he did not care for his parents.

     That's fine. After all, the couple has come together to work together as a living. But what about women who are staying home today and who are going abroad to work abroad? Almost all of them leave their children and disappear for several years. Unfortunately, the outlook for mothers who have gone abroad has also changed. They now imitate what they see as a child in their upbringing. This will inevitably lead to the loss of national values, spiritual enlightenment, and disharmony.

     These families now have money and wealth. But, undoubtedly, there are no standards of Uzbek education.

     How can you make money and improve your family financially, but will you be able to remedy the unforgettable affection of our people?

     You fill the house, the abundance of your property, and fill your luggage, but what will you replace the loss of love?

     Sometimes I can read some of what I write, and some of them may scold me. "We are going to live for a better life." However, there is a saying in our nation that "if you fall into the sky you will fall into your face." Today is the kindness that our children have shown to us - how much we care for our parents? The man's behavior is different. Man is the man of the street. He must earn money and provide his wife and children. However, the role of a woman in the family should be with her children. The woman is the castle for her children, the ostona for her husband. It is a blessing in the family of a woman who saves her earnings and that she will never lose her family.

    Shokhidakhon USMONOVA,

    a teacher of secondary school 14


    шт Bulakbashi district

"When she is well she belongs to you, but when she is sick we’ll treat her,shall we?"

Some Uzbek families have a bad thing. If the bride gets sick, taking her to a hospital and taking care of her home, she immediately sends her parents to her home. Even in some cases the girl's parents raise the expenses for the treatment of the bride. In these families, these discretionary decisions are often bestowed by mothers.

     When the bride performs "now we are our daughters", this kind of action of a mother-in-law, whose parents are willing to please her parents, does not correspond to the ancient traditions of the nation or Islamic religion. This ignorance is nothing more than superstition. When do you realize that the mothers who say they are in our health are ours?

      It's no secret that over the next several decades, the atmosphere and lifestyle of the Uzbek family are often created by women, who are trying to be dominant in the family. This is how we feel and how painful it is. Therefore, in many families, the woman's mother's sayings and decisions are predominant.

     It is a form of self-indulgence and a form of injustice. But the mothers should not forget that the bride comes to this house because of someone else's dear little boy, his family, his lifestyle, and his son. She gives birth to her granddaughter. Therefore, the parents should not help the bride, not her daughter-in-law, to accept her as a daughter, to adapt to the younger daughter's home, to become a full member of the household. The bride should teach her what she did not know, to show the example and, most importantly, the slimmingness.


When a girl is a bride, she can not be free in the home of a foster-mother, and if she is pregnant, she can not eat what she has come to. Because the environment in that family and family relationships do not allow it. What does the bride do? She immediately called her parents. Having a daughter, bringing up an adult, and giving her a daughter to another housewife during her lifetime, she does not give up. He picks up his food and breathes.

     Recently, an evend happened in one of our neighbourhood. The bride was pregnant, and the onion was fried with meat. She was shy and afraid to tell her mother about it. Her mother-in-law distributes the food, including the meat itself. When he was eating, the mother-in-law saw a piece of meat out of the pot and put it into his mouth. The bride apologized for a thousand emotional wounds. But when she told her mother-in-law that she would tell her story to her son, other members of the family, and neighbors. True, I do not want to justify the bride's work. However, she should understand the situation of her bride-grooming, saying, "It is not right to eat meat from the pot, and if you want it, you should be roasted". Unfortunately, his mother-in-law had come to a "thief's throat" and treated her badly. How would she do that when her daughter did it?

     In conclusion, not only do the mother-in-law view the bride as her children, but pay attention to the bride and groom, as her mother's son and her son's lifelong partner, not the free servant who serves the bride, but the happiness, it does not work.


     Odinaxon SOLIEVA,

head of the “Oila” scientific and practical research center in Pakhtaobad district.

The child is the joy of the family

Everyone wants to have a child and grow up to be a healthy, energetic and perfect man. However, desire for dreams is not enough. Everyone, every person, should be very intelligent. This work consists of their sense of responsibility and responsibility in their own health. But not everybody feels it all.

    One day, an elderly woman came to me asking for advice. Single and single lady was married to her granddaughter. The girl was healthy, energetic, and did not get any infectious diseases, but after three years, she was not pregnant. The findings show that there is a torch infection in the future. The doctors said that the couple had to undergo a joint examination and that they would be treated if needed. However, the bridegroom's anger broke out. "I do not have a disease" refused to check. She did not give birthday words to her. "She did not have this infection, she could have infected her," said the woman.

     I told her that she would bring her to my bride. When young people came to their senses, I explained to them that various changes in the body could lead to infirmity and infertility - in other words, to ensure that both couples should be healthy and that they should first be treated and treated if necessary.

    The woman recently came back with her grandson. The bride and groom found that the groom's blood was infected. When the couple was cured, the bride was pregnant. I was delighted to hear their gratitude and contribute to the joy of family life.

     If the bride is not pregnant at all, some mothers will soon be able to find fault with the bride. "Perhaps the problem is in my son." Therefore, it is crucial for the medical examination of the marriages and the timely treatment of the illness detected in them. This is what young people need to do. This is a matter of public interest and the future of the nation.

     Over the past period of this year, more than 28,000 marriages have been undergone to medical examination and health improvement works have been carried out.

 Today, many do not realize that men are responsible not only for the upbringing of a healthy generation. Every parent, future groom, and adolescent, who are on the threshold of adulthood, should not forget that smoking, regular drinking alcohol, and other factors such as alcohol abuse can affect the offspring. At the same time, it should not be forgotten that a man is a human being of nature, a need to look at him as a sublime nature, to care for him, and to protect him from hard work, despair, and psychological tension.

      According to the decree of the Minister of Health, from September 17 to October 20, 2013 "Healthy Woman's Month" is organized in all cities and districts of our region.

      This month, general practitioners and patronage nurses have been involved in more than 700,000 women of childbearing age.

      Quality assurance of medical examinations should be based on laboratory analyzes, ultrasound scanning, and more complicated types of tests, if necessary. In particular, efforts are being made to promote reproductive health, promote adherence to appropriate maternity maternity cases, and provide women with modern contraception when appropriate. In addition, in October, in the "Health School" organized in every city and district, issues such as "Cancer Diseases and Prevention", "Hygiene of Pregnant Women", "Reproductive Health", "Daily Procedure" are being promoted.

      The regional working group of the Izboskan and Djalakuduk, Oltinkol, Balykchi, Marhamat district medical associations has recognized that this month has been organized in multi-profile central polyclinics, rural health clinics and family polyclinics. During the interviews conducted by women in the community, they admire the growing role of maternal and child health in our country. In particular, the results of the medical examination indicate that not only themselves, but also family members - mothers and spouses - are indifferent to this.

     The child is the joy of the family. It is not easy to achieve that joy. As I said above, both pairs, especially women, should be healthy. Only then can we build a happy and strong family.


     Gulnahor ABDULLAEVA,

head of the department of maternal and child health of the regional health



The pregnant woman should not drink energy drink


Today, drinking energy drink among youth is popular not only in our country, but also in the entire world. Even though it was a bit expensive at first, the energy drink that came with the name of "Red Bull", the demand for this non-alcoholic "elixir" exceeded the expectations. As a result, many companies that produce sparkling water have started producing energy drinks.

    The name of these energy drinks is different, but the composition is almost identical, high concentration of water. The amount of beverage in the small container is usually 60 ml containing vitamins and riboflavin such as water, sucrose, glucose, taurine, citric acid, caffeine, glucuronolactone, inositol V3, V5, V6, V12.

    The question arises. Why do doctors prohibit the use of energy drinks for children under the age of 18, pregnant women, and patients with cardiovascular diseases? Because, in their view, chronic consumption of energy drinks directly affects the brain and the central nervous system, which in turn increases the likelihood of adherence to alcohol. Caffeine in it is a high-level psychostimulator that underlie human body's sense of fatigue, its awakening and refreshing. Not more than 60 ml per week energy drinking can be harmless to an organism.

Therefore, any person who thinks about his health, especially pregnant women should avoid drinking this.







Inheritance disputes that cause conflicts and conflicts between relatives have always been a painful point in human society at any time. Though it has been said many times and many in this regard, the issue of inheritance is still one of the most pressing issues in the society and in the family.

There is an unwritten law in Uzbek households: the house of father must belong the youngest son! In some households where this law is not enforced, there are disagreements and contradictions among the offspring. Of course, brides often play a key role in parenting and childhood conflicts between siblings.

    Why to the youngest son?

    Sometimes parents prefer to stay with their firstborn or middle-aged son. Whether he is happy with bride’s behavior, or any other reason, he intends to take his younger son out of the house. This situation makes it almost impossible for the younger sons of the younger generation to look differently in the family of the bride. So why should a father give his home to his younger son? What is the truth about this ritual? It is true that this habit has been formed over the centuries, which has been shed deeply in the blood of our people. But can life also require a different path? Why do we always consider the house of the father as the place of the youngest son?

    Parents are more likely to care for their younger children than others, and the younger one looks differently. In most cases, the bride of younger one is choosen by parents; the daughter of a close relative or a relative who is in good relationships is considered worthy of the younger son. When they are old, the bride will do their work. Such a situation spontaneously brings parents and younger sons closer to each other than other children.

    "I know one family," said Rohatoy Akhmedova, a specialist at the mahalla "O'qchi" of Marhamat district. - Four children - two daughters and two sons remain after father as orphans. The mother raised her children to the opportunity, taught, made them comfortable, and brought them together. The elder son became a great businessman, a wealthy man. He made a dwelling house. Though the little boy who lives in the parent's house is not like his brother, but he also lives as common people.

    The rich boy prepared a room where he had all the comforts for his mother in his own house and forced his mother to come to his home. A mother who could not deny the son's wish had lived in his house for a week and then returned home, to her younger son. She told her elder son, "This is my home, my son, I used to it and if I leave this house, your dad will come into my dreams ..."

    From legislation

    Article 36 of the General Assembly states that inheritance rights were guaranteed by law. Who will be a heir? Any person may be a heir. That is, the citizens living at the time of inheritance also have the right to inherit through the will and legacy of their offspring, who were born during the lifetime of the heir and born after the inheritance. Parents, spouses, children, and even strangers may have the inheritance right.

    What is the heritage?

    Any material or non-material objects can be an object of inheritance. By giving inheritance, heirs are not only entitled to inheritance but also the obligations of the inheritor. For example: the obligation to pay the debt under the loan agreement, the obligation to pay taxes and other payments on these properties upon the successor's inheritance, after the inheritance.

    It is noteworthy that in many cases, the inheritance is, first of all, a matter of money, wealth, and so on. However, parents have inherited their children primarily of their nature, talent, biological characteristics, and debt that they can not bear in the world. Therefore, it is important to remember that the inheritor possesses not only the material but also his own responsibility.

    A testament

    In accordance with the civil code, the heirs are arbitrary or legitimate. The will is the will of a citizen to dispose of his property or his right to dispose of it in the event of his death. The consent is only made personally. That is to say, it is not allowed to make it through a representative. The consent will be valid only when proven by public notary publics. The consent is a one-stop deal, and only in the case of a dispute with the Civil courts.

    There is no specific form of representation. Even a notarial definition of a notary was not given.

    Notary, other officer confirming the will, as well as the successor shall not disclose any information relating to its content, structure, annulment or alteration before opening a succession.

    In the case of inheritance...

    If a parent did not issue a testament before death, children are entitled to a legitimate inheritance. In such a case, children should apply to the notary public where the hereditary estate or the heir is located in the last resort where the inheritance and inheritance are opened. The notary public shall issue a certificate of succession to the heirs upon submission of the documents specified in the law.

    A parent or guardian may assign all or part of his or her property to one or more persons entering into the legal succession of the inheritance, including legal entities, the state, or self-governing bodies of citizens.

    The arbitrator has the right to deprive one of the heirs of the inheritance, without disclosing one or all of the heirs of the law.

    -"The heritage issue is also a matter of our religion," says Shoirakhon Nuralieva, the city's main religious mother in Andijan. - To be fair in this regard is to see equality of children. It is narrated from Nu'mon ibn Bashir (m.A.b.p.w.h):

    "My father took me to the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and said, 'O Messenger of Allah, give witness that I have given this to No’man from my property".

    "Did you give all your boys the same way?" they said.

    "No," he said.

    "Then I won’t be witness in this" and then he said, "Does it make you happy for them all?" they said.

    "Yes," he said.

    "If so, treat everyone as one!" he said.

    In another narration it was mentioned: "Fear Allah and be just and fair among your children".

    An attitude for the heritage is the mirror of the spiritual environment in the family

    An inheritance is a large part of family relationships. Attitudes toward the heritage reflect the spiritual environment in the family. We hear about those who inherit their parcels while their parents are alive. This indicates that the roots of education in the family are not solid. Some children even give their share to their livers. They have learned a genuine human traits in the family from their parents, and they are well-aware of the science of humanity. In general, children show their parents when they grow up learning from their childhood.

   In fact, the inheritance and related conflicts are the personal desires of each family and family head. Parents can leave their children to inherit material or non-material assets left behind or deprive the child of this opportunity. But a good parent will inherit the ability of the children and the perfect man, and the children will inherit humanity, morals and kindness.



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