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20 Feb 2017


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Now pumpkin is in its ripe stage. Therefore, we remind you the following about the useful peculiarities of pumpkin.

There is 11 percent sugar, C1, B2, B1 vitamins, nicotinic acid, carotenoids, elateritsin A, fotosterolls, as well as potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, micro elements like iron in beef component of pumpkin.

50 percent fat, 35 percent of vegetable protein, sugar, amino acids, tyrosine, fittings, salicylic, malic acid, kukurbital fitosterin, tar, C, B vitamins and karotonoids in the component of seeds are very useful for the human body.

Pumpkin is widely used as a useful melon in folk medicine. If boiled soup made from it is recommended in chest pain, dry cough, boiled in water meat part of its fruit is consumed as a diuretic in kidney disease. Its juice is given as a drug to patients infected with grease. If the soft part of pumpkin is pressed and crushed on the shingles it will be cure.

The great doctor Ibn Sino suggested that it was good consuming the pumpkin covered and baked, stirring with sugar in the improvement of constipation. He used its sweet in throat pain and diseases of the brain.

It is recommended to put covered and baked pumpkin on hand, foot pains. If the meat part is cremated, mixed with vegetable oil ulcers applied ointment. We recommend the consumption of seeds of pumpkin in the treatment of worming.

A lot of species of pumpkin are grown in our land.  As noted above, it has got a lot of useful features. At least once a week, pumpkin consumption is useful for the human body. Therefore, we recommend to all to eat this gift which is both cheap and natural.


UMIDA prepared.

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