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23 Dec 2016

Olive oil is the elixir of beauty

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Olive oil is considered as the most useful one among oils. Stomach and intestines diseases can be treated with the help of it. In general, olive oil has a lot of useful features. Olive oil can also be called as the elixir of beauty. It moisturizers the skin, improves its color and removes the wrinkles.

1. Humidifying. Olive oil moisturizers not only the skin, but also restores it, treats effectively the inflamed areas. Therefore, the specialists recommend putting olive oil for people with extremely dry skin and sunburn.

2. Removing the makeup. If you are allergic to cosmetics, then use olive oil as a toilet cleaner. Put on the eyes for a few minutes just dipping a cotton wick into oil. Then wipe the color on the eyes using a massaging motion.

3.  Strengthening the hair. Olive oil is one of the best means to strengthen weak hair. Warming the oil a little, put depending on the roots and length of the hair.

4.   Лаблар учун малҳам. Куз ва қиш мавсумида лаблар тез қуриб қолади, ёрилади. Лабларингизни яна аввалги ҳолатига келтириш ва лаб териси тикланиши учун бир хил миқдордаги зайтун мойи ва асалари мумини аралаштиринг. Сўнгра ана шу аралашмани кун давомида бир неча маротаба лабларингизга суртинг.

4.  Lotion for lips. The lips are rapidly dry up, burst during the fall and the winter. Mix the same amount of olive and bee wax in order to bring lips to prior conditions and for the restoration of the skin of the lips. Then, put this mixture to your lips for several times during the day.

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