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20 Feb 2017


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Lemon is considered as the most miracle one among the fruits. Therefore, it plays an invaluable role in human health. Especially, it is very useful in the respiratory tract, throat diseases, and viral infections.

Due to the high content of vitamin C in lemon it increases the ability of immune system of fighting against infections in the body. In addition, lemon gives a positive effect on the tone of the heart muscle, strengthens blood and walls, blood vessels, and prevents choking of blood vessels atherosclerosis and vessel cholesterol pokes clogging. Consuming lemon without sugar gives more benefit. It does not lose its beneficial peculiarities in this case. When the nervous system is sick and tired, smelling the lemon again and again raises mood, gives energy to heart.

But the flesh of lemon is harmful to the stomach. Therefore, the fruit and its juice is not recommended for those patients diagnosed with gastritis.

The origin of lemon goes back to the Himalayas mountains in India, and then spread to other parts of the world from there.

There is the following story about lemon in Caucasus: In ancient times a servant of one of the kings was punished. Angry king ordered to throw the servant into prison and to give him only the same food. When asked about which food he let the servant choose it himself. The prisoner asked lemon from them and told the surprised guards: "The smell of the lemon raises my mood, its bark and seeds become energy to my heart, the pieces fill the position of food, juice satisfies my thirst ". As it is known from this the medicinal of lemon was known since ancient times.


     Mohichehra HAMIDOVA prepared.

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