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Газетамизнинг янги сони сизга манзурми?
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20 Feb 2017


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Experts recognize that the date has the following useful features.

     1. The date makes strong the heart, liver and kidney.

2. Keeps a normal balance of acid of the organism..

3. Feeds the blood.Very useful in anemia and hypertension.

4. Raises the immune system.

5. Provides the storage of useful micro floras in intestine

6. Improves pulmonary function.

7. Calms the cough. Removes excess moisture in the body.

8. Serves as a tool to support and improve tone.

9. Restores power after continuous illnesses.

10. Helps in physical fatigue and tired.

11. The dates can be consumed by people with diabetes.

12. Reduces the risk of cancer diseases.

13. Helps in facial nerve capillaries paralyzed.

14. Very useful for pregnant women. Helps in the body's first milk production.

15. Those who want to lose weight can consume it instead of sweets.

     16. Improves the activity of brain.

17. A man can consume only the date for a long time. It can give all the necessary nutrients to the body.

  As noted above, the date is so useful gif, the more we eat it, the more benefits it gives for our health. We can consume the dates more at the same maturity time today.



Prepared: Minurakhon BOZOROVA, a doctor.

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