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16 Jan 2017


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(doctor’s suggestion)

The most useful drink for human’s health is yoghurt. Its several medicinal features are recognized both in folk and modern medicine:


* Yoghurt is considered as a valuable drink in the prevention of chronic gastritis, atherosclerosis, diabetes, hypertension and ischemia disbacteriosis diseases. It is recommended to drink it 15 minutes after a meal in the aim of healing.

* Yogurt is effective in prevention of liver cirrhosis. In addition, drinking yogurt is also useful in diseases related to liver activity.

* If you want to reduce your weight, nonfat yogurt will help you.

* Regular yogurt consumption will not increase the amount of sugar in the blood. If there are people who were ill with diabetes in your family, do not stop drinking yogurt.

* A cup of yogurt drunk before going to sleep shows a positive effect on the stomach and intestines calms your spirit.

* If you are nervous and without appetite, drink a cup of yogurt half an hour before breakfast.

* If your skin of face became dry, mixing a bit of chopped herbs can be used instead of a mask.

* Calming and refreshing feature of yogurt help pregnant women during menopause and sucking mother’s milk. In addition, drinking yogurt is also useful in easing menstrual discomfort.

* If you want to live a long life, drink a cup of yogurt every day.

     Minuraxon BOZOROVA, a doctor.

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