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16 Jan 2017


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Most people love soft drinks. Indeed, when they are drunk the body relaxes, needs of languor are reduced. But not all may know well about its negative features. Even if it is true we must admit: harmful features of carbonated beverages cause various diseases for of the organism.

Carbonated drinks, for example, drinking of a glass of sweet lemonade every day causes 0.5 kilograms excess weight in a month. This is the first fact!

Carbonated drinks are considered as powerful drive motor urine. They serve to send out liquid from the organism, becoming waterless and dehydration and kidney loading rate. People who love these beverages are often seen to have detected the presence of stones in their kidney, kidney colic. This is mainly because of the abundance of phosphorus acid in their component.

Because of the high acidity in soft drinks, abundance of amount of sugar poses a serious risk for teeth too. The acid will melt mineral substances in the enamel of tooth. As a result, the teeth become weak, tend to soften. When carbonated drinks are consumed with a stick an aggressive effect of liquid to teeth is reduced. It is not allowed to clean the teeth immediately after drinking such beverages. Otherwise, degradation of teeth intensifies due to acid. Better it is desirable to rinse oral with warm water for 20-30 minutes, then wash with brush and paste.

Bubbles appeared as a result of "appearing too much gas" from beverages cause carbon dioxide. It increases the acidity of gastric juice, stir flatulence. As a result of drinking carbonated beverages for a long time gastric ulcer, gastritis with high acidity and other digestive diseases will appear.

It increases the risk of liver, pancreas, heart and of bone disease. According to statistics, in the liver of people who consume 1 liter of carbonated beverage a day negative cases occur 5 times more. This is explained by the large amount of chemicals damage the liver in the part of lemonade. In addition, there is a risk of getting diabetes and heart disease. Excessive sugar in carbonated beverages increases the load in pancreas. As a result it begins to produce large amounts of insulin. After a certain time, amount of sugar in blood is greatly reduced. This can lead to diabetes and metabolic disorders.

In addition to the above-stated, carbonated beverages wash out iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium and other substances in the body. As a result, cardiac dysfunction happens, poor blood, bone softening, and lead to osteoporosis. For this reason, we must pay special attention to our especially children’s consumption of carbonated beverages.

     Yayraxon QULDAShEVA,


a high category doctor-endocrinologist.

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