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Газетамизнинг янги сони сизга манзурми?
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16 Jan 2017


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Doctor’s consultation

"I’m vomiting after I became ill with flu. This problem used to bother before too but it disappeared after a certain time. And now it is prolonging.. Sometimes even if I don’t vomit as soon as I remember the discomfort all starts again. Should I meet a doctor?

Hanifa Rustamova, Buloqboshi district".

Chief doctor of the family polyclinic №3 in the city of Andijan  Muharramxon Rahmonova answers the question:


- The mentioned complaints by you of course, require relying on the results of the investigation and analysis. Because vomiting appears not only due to the area of the gastrointestinal tract, but also blood pressure (mostly when arterial pressure goes down) problems associated with them. This disorder often also develops due to viral infections as you suggested. Besides vomiting happens in the cases of the menstrual cycle changes, and some of the other reasons. In general, in order to clarify your statement then you must certainly meet gastroenterologist. First of all, determine your blood pressure, make an ultrasound gastrointestinal tract, and make a biochemical analysis of blood. 

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