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Газетамизнинг янги сони сизга манзурми?
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11 Nov 2016


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Autumn… It is the destination of feelings blowing layer of imagination, unable to catch distant memories...

As if the leaves slowly swishing under the steps going to say something. I am in a hurry to hear them. The gazes look feeling sorry at the clothes of the trees getting used to slowly falling, becoming an autumn leaf. They have endless questions.

What made the sky cry? What bothers the sky which pouring the rain without stopping? What is the reason of such trouble? The hope of talking to rain doesn’t leave me alone. It’s so difficult to find an answer to the questions.

Autumn thoughts are so quiet. It is the season of silence...

The water of the river flowing in murmur was very pleasant, it’s breath like an ice satisfied the body. And today starting from early morning cold fresh water also can’t attract to itself. As if it is upset with autumn.

Admires the noise in the courtyard of the school which was empty just yesterday. Aspiration for education, yearning for classes are radiant in the gazes of the children, boys and girls who are an eager-beaver to learn. Young children being thrown into teachers’ heart makes you happy.

One can’t ignore loving such gifts of autumn.


Ergashoy JURAEVA, Marhamat district.

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