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Газетамизнинг янги сони сизга манзурми?
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19 Dec 2016


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          School is the most beautiful, the most magnificient and the closest place to the heart in this life. Simply taking it is just a place. Four sides have walls. But full of flower garden, orchard, trees.

 Those who sit under shade areas are always dear to us. I sit unintentionally...

 Pupils, boys and girls walk around. Someone runs somewhere, someone calls someone. A group of girls in school uniforms carried book in their hands. Little children play running one after another. Life is in full swing over the school yard …

 The school's football field is filled with children. Some players are in T-shirts and others are in undershirts.  People around look at the field. They shout supporting players. Volleyball area and other play areas are also full with children.

 On the tip of the iron column set in the middle of the large-area where events take place native country's flag proudly flies. The area is even, very clean. And fir-trees around that on a blue dress rain or shine stand proudly as if they dispute in beauty with each other. They became tall enough...

 Trees near the boundary walls can be seen either. The willows among them display themselves, sway gently in a mild wind. The voices of birds landing on them and flying again are often heard. They beauty to the yard…

 A clear bell rang for "Lesson" makes vigilant the children. They run into classes hurriedly. Silence again appears in the yard. I put my thoughts in one place at this time. I stand up…

 Anyway, the school yard is a dear place...

 Abdurahim BOZORBOEV.

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