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Газетамизнинг янги сони сизга манзурми?
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12 Mar 2018


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Reflection of life in letters

The book is the source of knowledge. It is an important means of leading human beings to goodness, delivering spirituality, enlightenment and culture from generation to generation. The book has a special place in educating the younger generation in the spirit of love and devotion to the Motherland, the formation of humanism in them, and the significance of national values and customs in our lives.

We can say without any exaggeration that the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh. Mirziyoyev "About complex measures program on printing and distribution the book, improving reading a book and reading culture and promoting it" raised attention to reading a book to a higher level. Each classroom has a library in our school. One of the class activists is a librarian and gives the books to friends in turn and controls it. Arranging discussions by teachers about the books read by the pupils is serving to improve their interest in reading books. Among the young readers, such competitions as "Reading night", "The best reader family" and "Poetry" are the reasons for this too.

     For over thirty years I have been teaching primary school pupils. I also used to put a lot of books printed recently, that are decorated with colorful paintings to attract children’s’ attention except "G’uncha", "Gulxan" and "Bilimdon" on my desktop. Using them each lesson, I try to increase my readers' interest in the literature and the book. If a teacher gives extracts from the works read by him linking to themes, introduces the author of this book to them, suggests reading these books during their classes we think that this helps to increase children’s desire to read books. Children imitate adults. It would be better if we read more books ourselves as an example to children and regularly discuss works with educational importance with the family.

The more children read books, the more their knowledge will be expanded, the more independent they will think.




 Teacher of general secondary school № 5 in Khojaobad district.

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