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Газетамизнинг янги сони сизга манзурми?
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2016 YEAR – “YEAR OF HEALTHY MOTHER AND CHILD”. According to our ancient traditions when matchmakers went to see the future groom for the first time they tried to collect full information about seven...
(№ 34, 2016 у. medical literacy) Today, it is important that couples who want to have children pass a genetic consultation. In general, each of the parents need to have specific knowledge on avoiding...
(RECOMMENDED) Children look like tree. So it is important to preserve them in a variety of unpleasantness. Because a lot of children in infancy or illness can be grown its complications. * Wash your c...
(SPECIALIST ROSTRUM) A wide range of work is being carried out on the protection of maternal and child health, prevention of various diseases among the population, early detection the diseases and eff...
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