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29 Sep 2016


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 There were two brothers whose father passed away. One day a small one said to the elder one: "I am in love with a girl, I want to marry her. She is very beautiful with lustrous eyes. Then his brother said: "Then you must ask her hand in marriage". But the elder brother also liked the girl seeing her beauty and said: "Don’t hurry, she deserves ahe man with an experience. She deserves a man like me".

The younger brother was surprised. "She belongs only to me ..." he said, and they argued. They went to the judge to resolve the issue.

Unfortunately, as soon as the judge saw the girl he said: "She deserves a man like me".  The dispute became serious. The governor who was aware of this wanted to clarify the issue calling them. But he also saw girl’s beauty and said: "She belongs only to me" and joined the argument. Finally, the girl spoke: "I have a solution. I run, whoever catches me I will belong to her", and she ran away. All of them ran after her to catch her. Suddenly they fell down into a hollow.

The girl looked from above and said to them: "Do you know who am I? I am a wealth, riches. People compete with each other in order to achieve me, as a result they lose everything they have. When life passes and they get tired only at threshold of grave they realize that achieving me wasn’t the main purpose ".


Nilufar ORTIQKHUJAEVA prepared.

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