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Газетамизнинг янги сони сизга манзурми?
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Women of the East were respected as a symbol of the beauty from the ancient times. Especially Uzbek women have become a symbol of real beauty, devotion and loyalty with their abstention and sense of shame and sweet treatment.

If we consider human culture from the external and internal, that is ethical and aesthetic point of view, these two views complement each other. Internal culture is also reflected in man’s appearance. We all know well that person's clothes, treat culture and ethics are important perspectives that determine his position in the society. Culture of clothing shows affiliation of a person to a particular nation, region or social group. On the other approach, its one side goes back to the family and education either. It is important to pay an attention to the harmony of general human and national values today when the growing threat of "Public Culture" is increasing. Especially the specific forms of our national culture are reflected in the costumes being worn by the youth.

Our national fabrics such as khansatin, satin, beqasam, silk presents the ancient history of our ancestors and our national values. In this regard, our national clothes and gold skullcaps prepared from these fabrics are highly appreciated and looked with great interest not only in our country, but also in Central Asia, even in Western countries. Modern clothes sewed from our national fabrics carefully preserved over the centuries add beauty to the beauty of our girls. These beautiful dresses undoubtedly serve to strengthen the sense of pride to national values, respect to our traditions and customs, rich and ancient heritage in the heart of the youth.




pupil of  2nd service vocational college in the city of Andijan.