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Газетамизнинг янги сони сизга манзурми?
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Where there is neatness, life will be beautiful


The health of human life and the well-being of others are, in many ways, a natural process. Our ancestors did not say that the husband does, feeds, and clings. In addition, the soil, in general, gives nature much value for humanity.

So, are we today preserving the nature, the environment and the purity of our minds? How do we contribute to that kind of good work? Below we will talk about these topics.

    Human beings live in harmony with nature. In our lives, the things we need in our lives, the equipment and the clothes are actually the priceless product of our nature. But in the rapidly evolving world of our lives, human beings do not pay enough attention to the conservation of nature, the rational use of water and the various natural resources.

     Let's not go far, let's talk about some unpleasant experiences we have in our daily lives. We know well that the elderly are told that the water is sacred from our childhood, and it is sinful to make it dirty. It's a shock to most people. That's why many try to keep the water clean. Unfortunately, there are some people who are surprised at their attitudes.

    "In some neighborhoods of our city mornings, my body trembles when some girls and brides are sweeping the streets," says labor veteran Muharramkhon Hudoyberdieva. - Is not this girl or bride's parents heard that it is wrong to do this from her neighbor? Or if it does not act on its own, then the pollution of water does not meet any of the criteria of humanity, especially for the nation.

    "I was passing through the streets in the morning," says the Chem Mahalla Citizens' Assembly in Andijan District, a specialist in working with women and promoting moral and spiritual values in families says I. Akhmedova. "A 15-16-year-old girl came out of her house and went back to the street and went back. There were not only bread dishes, but also fruit pans in the table. I stopped her and said, "Daughter, why do not you just dine in the dining room, and if you turn aside, the birds will eat it?" She did not hesitate to answer, but she did not go to her home. I knew that the environment in the family was not good, and that girl did not know what to do with the gun.

    Yes, any of the above cases worry everyone. Despite persistent propaganda for the improvement of the dwellings, the cleanliness of the land, and the enhancement of the ecological culture of the citizens, the presence of such people shows that the work of ethics, ecological education and advocacy is insufficient.

    The norms of morality and morality of our people should be in the heart of every citizen. In this regard, we should talk a lot to our young people, and give our children this childhood.

    When a person seeks willingly or consciously to do what he intends to do or achieve, he will have the expected outcome. Everyone who wants to preserve nature, cleanse it, and cultivate the country, will be able to achieve the desired outcome, the prosperity of the country and the cleanness of nature. There is no place for illness when it is clean and clean.

    Our people have long been fond of nature. Tree planting and gardening are the ancient values of the Uzbek people. It is our duty to maintain the continuity of this value. In addition, we need to teach our children the first look and feel of nature, the preservation of the natural vegetation, the animal world, and the responsibilities that they must play in preserving the environment. First of all, we should be an example.