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Cleanliness and neatness are the guarantee of our health



One day I became very angry when I saw a a teenager who was throwing packs full of garbage in his hand into a flower-bed near our house.

The boy looked strangely in the darkness of the evening, and did not notice that I was watching from my balcony. Having convinced that no one was there, he dumped the waste and began to walk. I called him and told him to take the packages, telling him garbage dump was 50 meters away. The boy did what I told him. I watched him until he disappeared.

... Our city is getting more and more flourishing day by day. Every evening, waste collection system has been set up and the waste disposal system is improved. Unfortunately, some people are reluctant to go to the dump. They just leave packages of household waste on the roadside. As a result, these waste products cause a bad smell, increase the number of infectious diseases, and lack of cleanliness the houses around.

Every day I enjoy seeing the improvement works being carried along the road. The workers of the field sweep the streets and clean the flower-beds from the weeds even on hot days, even in the rainy days. I'm very shocked seeing that some of our citizens do not value civilization and human labor. It is surprising to see that a huge crowd throws a cigarette or pistachio in a place where they are unharmed, and throws a waste pouch or paper onto the grass while the container is empty.

There is a saying "There will be a blessing where there is cleanliness" among our nation.Today, younger and older, each of our compatriots needs to absorb this wisdom and realize that it is responsible for the cleanliness of the world. In addition, the health of a person who lives in a clean, comfortable place is safe. So, let's focus on keeping clean in every family, in educational institutions, neighborhoods, and in the streets. Though it seems to be a normal matter, it is a very important issue for us to preserve the health of both ourselves and our neighbors.

If the air we breathe, our paths, the streets, the workplace, and of course our homes are clean, neat and free from the dust our mood will be highr, our health will be stronger.



                                                                                         Ozoda ORTIQOVA, student of ASU.