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27 Aug 2018

Early marriages are being prevented



In our country, a large-scale work is being carried out to strengthen the family as the starting point of society, to prevent early marriages and between close relatives, and to regulate the marriage arrangements. In particular, the work being carried out in this direction in our region is giving positive results.

Family ensures eternal life. In our country, the issues of building a family and marriage are strictly regulated and the legal norms related to these processes are fully developed. The Family code of the Republic of Uzbekistan stipulates that the marriage age is 17 years for girls and 18 years for boys.

    Although a fixed age of marriage was assigned we mus pay attention to young adults and mature people before making wedding relations - says the representative of the Muslim board of Uzbekistan in the region, the regional chief imam of women's affairs, the regional head otinoyi Saodatkhon Rasulova. - Before joining a marriage, young people should be prepared for family life and have the necessary knowledge and understanding. Only then the foundation of a new family will be strong and will survive the various tests of life.

     In this sense, marriage mates must be well-educated, both physically and spiritually. However, at the same time, it is a matter of fact that the parents are not paying much attention to these aspects, but the fact that girls are given early marriages. In particular, such unpleasant situations in this regard to promote and explain the parents, especially the youth and the need to pay special attention to improving the health literacy requires in the region in the last year. Therefore, the focus is being given on improving the effectiveness of this work.

     Analysis of cases of early marriages showed that the majority of them ignore the lack of stable cultural environment in the family, child-rearing is regarded, at the same time, due to some parental desires and dreams.

     Today, by the regional representatives of the Muslim board of Uzbekistan, regional, district and city women's committees, civic meetings, the Youth union activists, medical staff, police departments, the imam-khatib, otinoyilar, particularly women and families with the spiritual ethical values training specialists, in general, with the general public, to prevent early marriages, to prepare young people for family life, to arrange for married couples in mahallas  talks held in schools, colleges, meetings, round tables were organized with the participation of the students, to prevent the negative consequences of early marriage, extensive missionary work is being carried out.

- We must never allow building a family without a medical examination, especially early marriages says Abdulhaleem Hamroqulov the imam of the mosque "At-Termiziy" in the city of Andijan. - Explanations are being provided to the public about the avoidance of such situations in various events and rituals. Moreover, in order to prevent early marriages, it is strictly determined that the legal marriages should only be read after they did legal marriages by imams with special permission.

In short, all the necessary efforts are being made to prevent early marriages in the region. These efforts, wide-ranging explanation, and propagandistic work, undoubtedly, will give their positive effects.


                                                                                            Fakhriddin IBAYDULLAEV