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05 Apr 2018

Personal exhibition of the artist Sabur Qutlimurotov was opened

     Personal exhibition of Sabur Qutlimurotov, a member of the union of artists of the academy of Arts of Uzbekistan was opened at the state museum of history and culture of the region.

     The exhibition featured over 50 paintings of the artist, reflecting historical monuments, beautiful landscapes, unique lifestyles of Uzbek and Karakalpak people, and natural beauties.

     Several work of the artist like "Фил қалъа"(An elephant fortress), "Аёз тепа" (Frost hill), "Боғдаги асаларилар" (Bees in the garden", "Амударё кемалари" (Amudarya ships), "Хива" (Khiva), "Лаби ховуз" (Labi hovuz), "Туя соғувчи" (Camel milkmaid), "Отарнинг қайтиши" (The Return of Otar) made a great impression on visitors.

      The exhibition serves to strengthen the respect for the fine arts, admiring from the beauty, being thankful for peace and tranquility in our country, love for the Motherland especially in the hearts of our young people.


      Barno HAYDAROVA