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23 Mar 2018

Activity of non-state non-profit organizations and the media increases more

A seminar-training directed to the issue on presenting projects to the grants of non-state non-profit organizations, mass media and other civil society institutions was held at Andijan state medical institute.

     The event that was organized by  the parliamentary commission for the management of assets of the public fund for support of non-state non-profit organizations and other civil society institutions under the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan jointly with the regional office of the regional authority and the independent institute for monitoring the formation of civil society was attended by members of the parliamentary commission on public fund management, the media of the region, representatives of non-governmental non-profit organizations.

    The seminar-training provided suggestions, opinions and suggestions on strengthening social partnership between the media, state and non-governmental organizations, as well as provided the necessary consultations and recommendations for participation in the state grant competitions, project preparation and submission for the current year.

    Participants received detailed answers to all their questions.